Meet our 2018 market vendors!

Big Sky Orchards

Local orchard that started out of Polson at the South Shore back in 2004.  Big Sky Orchards has since grown to owning three different orchards and expanding their product offering from cherries exclusively to three varieties of cherries and now three types of hops!  Hop orchards expected harvest time is August.


Corvidae Drawings & Designs

Corvidae drawings & designs is a home goods and gift brand based in western Montana founded and owned by Kim Shirley.  Started with a love of gifting and a passion for creating, Corvidae has grown from a few designs and one product to many over the past few years.  We produce hand crafted and printed home goods, gifts, and paper products with designs for every day or remembrance of the fun places you’ve visited.  All hand pulled screen printed products are hand crafted in our at studio.  All of our paper products are printed in the USA and assembled in our studio. Facebook Page /  Website

Dark Side Fermenters

Producers of kombucha and sauerkraut made with the support of local farms and merchants using fresh local produce.  Wholesale begins May 2018.

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Farmented Foods

Farmented Foods was founded on the principle to help eliminate unnecessary food waste on small, local, organic farms. By using ugly and excess vegetables that are not traditionally sold in stores, we are able to help small farmers become more sustainable while creating a delicious line of fermented foods our customers love.

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Fat Robin Orchard

Our family-run orchard has existed in one form or another since the 1930s, and has been certified organic since 2000. Our specialty is sweet cherry varietals, including the ever popular Lambert cherry, RainierLapinBlack Republican, and Van. We also have a limited number of pie cherries (Montmorency) and some newer varieties, Balaton, Kooteney, and Sweetheart.

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Field Guide Designs

Field Guide Designs is a Fine Art Print Shop that creates unique modern art prints from carefully curated collections of adventure gear, wilderness artifacts and other curiosities.  They make art prints, mini prints, note cards and stickers.  Designed by Montana artist photographer, Mandy Mohler.  See their work featured in Sunset Magazine, Pottery Barn, and Origin Magazine. Facebook Page /  Website

Flathead Lake Cheese

Out where the world is still wild, you’ll find our bright yellow creamery by the bay where we create artisnal cheeses by hand in small batches. When the weather allows, we use solar thermal heat to pasteurize our locally collected milk. From our recycled Island shirts to our vat or the sun, we’re all about making the best use of what’s around us.  We are cheese makers who love the idea of living symbiotically with all of our neighbors, farmers, dairymen, vintners, brewers, ranchers, producers and businesses.  When we all work together, we all thrive. What a great goal to aspire to! Facebook Page /  Website

Gecko Mountain Farm

We grow microgreens indoors year-round in our indoor growroom.  We are located by the historic Somers Bay in the Flathead Valley, MT, and sell throughout the Valley.  Our greens are grown pure. No fertilizers, no pesticides and even some with no soil.

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Heydey Homestead

Heyday Homestead LLC is a local business serving Northwestern Montana with high quality organic microgreens, vegetables, goat yoga, and beyond.

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Jackson Wood Works

Fine craftsmanship, quality and style come together at Jackson Wood Works.  Based out of Bozeman, MT, they are custom carpentry experts.  From historic homes to contemporary remodels, the highly skilled carpenters of Jackson Wood Works design perfectly fitting custom furniture, woodwork, stairs and cabinetry to suit both contemporary and classic sensibilities.


Made of Mountains

Made of Mountains is an apparel & accessories line created for outdoor lovers and adventure families!  Each piece is designed and crafted with love by a small group or artisans at our working shop in Bigfork, MT.  The designs are inspired by our surroundings here in NW Montana.  If you love spending time in the outdoors, high on a trail or maybe just exploring with your wild little ones- we have something for you.

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Maya Rising

Organic and Natural Products ~ lotions, creams, soaps, lavender flax eye/neck pillows, hydrosols, including a catnip misting spray, wheat-free dog biscuits and jams & chutney’s. Keep watching as new products added. Made with loving-kindness.

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Mountain Kind Farm

A local produce cooperative that fits the needs and tastes of your family.  Choose your membership, load up your pre-paid debit card and start shopping! This season there will be a wide variety of fresh vegetables, u-pick berries, fruit from local orchards and a selection of other quality Montana made products. We look forward to providing our community with fresh, quality food.


My 406 Boutique

The Montana I fell in love with in my youth captured my soul and inspired my art.  My love story has deepened through the years with each mountain pass I have climbed, with every Grizzly encounter that made my heart skip a beat, with every sacred Pow Wow I have had the privilege to photograph, and with every river & lake that I have cast a fly line in.  The unforgiving landscape of Montana is beautiful beyond the lens.  I have found a simple and peaceful life creating unique and rugged one-of-a-kind treasures from Montana.    -Cari Stiffarm, Owner & Designer

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Natural Elements Jewelry & Design

Inspired by nature and the spirit of life’s adventure, Natural Element’s jewelry represents a unique presentation of nature’s raw materials (sapphires, rubies, diamonds, etc.) and refined gems, set into sterling silver and gold.  Exquisite and attractive for everyday style, timeless elegance, daily adornment or for special occasions.  The jewelry from this boutique offers a simple and elegant compliment to all of the moments and events that there are to celebrate and experience in life.

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Summit Spices, LLC

Offering market bags and backpacks handmade from coffee bean burlap bags, as well as wood smoked spice blends.  The spices are salt-free, contain all natural ingredients, and do not contain any fillers or preservatives.  They are produced in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

Sweet Meadow Farm

This husband-wife duo runs a small farm here in the Flathead Valley of NW Montana. Sweet Meadow Farm is located up against the Swan Mountains in Columbia Falls. They specialize in cut flowers to be sold at local farmer’s market, restaurants, businesses, weddings and U-Cut.   

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Tabletree Juice

Tabletree, is a fruit processing/juice company from Canada having expanded their operations to Flathead Lake in Montana. Tabletree will be working with the Flathead Lake Cherry Growers to process our award winning juices and other products on Finley Point in Montana in 2016 from quality Montana cherries.

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Tree Hugger Soap Co.

We believe in handcrafting bath and beauty products that are environmentally responsible, toxin-free, and healthy for the whole family.  All of our products are made with all-natural ingredients, sourcing organic or locally whenever possible.  No palm-oil. Ever.

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Twisted Solar

Creative & artistic solar lights, all made out of re-purposed and re-used materials.  Offers a variety of products perfect for all walks of life.  Works great in outdoor spaces and gardens.

Yellow Bay Gardens

18 miles north of Polson and 16 miles south of Bigfork you’ll find Yellow Bay nestled in between Flathead Lake and Mission Mountain range.   This local family owned farm produces cherries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and several gardens of produce and herbs.  Also expected this season are radishes, spinach, green onions,  snow peas, beets, kale, chard, lettuce, beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, tomatoes, peppers, basil, cilantro, potatoes, and microgreens.  You can u-pick at the orchard or buy in-house fresh picked.

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Want more information about vendor opportunities at the Bigfork Village Market?

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